Creative Directing and producing corporate videos for Pattern Energy, a renewable energy developer with a very strong value proposition of "Community First", my goal was always to capture the brand's essence in how the company itself, and by proxy, the wind facilities, affected the lives of those living and working in the local communities, rather than creating traditional sales pieces. 
This was evidenced when I asked one of the interviewees in "Community Commitment", which won a Telly in 2012, what she liked about the company the most and she responded: 
"This. Talking to you people. Knowing that you really care about what we think."
While Executive Creative Director for Rich Pageant, I was also involved in the creative direction, production, ideation, animation, color correction, voice acting and co-editing of videos for Citi, Bluewolf, Verizon, Chevrolet, Trans Bay Cable, and Nextel among others, as well as internal educational industrials (under NDA) and videos for San Francisco-based musical acts. 
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