'Use Me' - first single off of 'Sunshine Enema'.
Most people buy their music online - so if you want to sell physical product, CDs aren't enough. The in-hand experience needs to seduce the buyer. 
For their Sunshine Enema EP, I wanted to present Marrow's music in a way that was unique and whimsical to lay a bright, glossy, and sardonic coating over the dark musical themes. From the USB pill to t-shirts to the website, I took my visual cues from big pharma and riffed on a standard issue prescription dosing pamphlet to really hammer the idea home.
This project has been featured on design blogs  Lovely Package,  the Dieline, Packaging of the World, among others, and is still used by Martin Atkins as part of his Business of Music courses at Millikin University, as well as on the road in his "Tour Smart" series.
"There is no recommended dose. You are on your own.”
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