Passionate Designer & Creative Director with 15+ Years’ Experience providing Hands-On Leadership & Strategic Direction 
Behind every successful brand is comprehensive design strategy that considers the target audience’s needs and ensures consistent messaging. With a passion for design and an interest in human psychology, I create integrated concepts and strategies that have a positive impact on everything from products to meetings and events. As a leader with an entrepreneurial drive, I develop strong brands from the inside out, accomplishing big-picture goals while staying mindful of the finer details.

While I thrive as a leader within fast-paced, dynamic environments, I also enjoy working hands-on, contributing to all aspects of print design, production, digital marketing, photo editing, website design, coding, video editing and animation. My comprehensive experience and diverse background enables me to identify resources and the most cost-effective ways to achieve objectives.
Creating strong brands from the inside out is my calling, my training, and my obsession.
Strengths: Brand Strategy, Digital Branding, Sustainability, Corporate Social Responsibility and Internal Brand Engagement.

Financial Services, Investment Banking, Renewable Energy, Transmission, Energy, Infrastructure, Music, Cosmetic, Fashion, Beverage, Technology, Travel, Airline, Insurance, Politics... 

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